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My name is Federico, and I am a hobbyist programmer. For my matura paper I have decided to design my own survival sandbox game. You can take a look below what it's about. But You, the player, are also part of the development team. You can play the game, and then leave your thoughts and wishes on the download page. I am happy about every review, good or bad!

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The Game

ReTech is a survival game, where you have to scavenge, fight, build and defend. You start off with nothing, and through machines and crafting, you can automate many tasks, which would take much more time doing them yourself. Create your own fortress, supply it with electricity. Build transportation systems for your items. Craft advanced weaponry to fend off your enemies.

  • campfire


    As you probably know it from most survival games, you have to scavenge for supplies in the abandoned buildings around the map, to stay nourished and hydrated. If you manage to survive the first fiew days, you can start a farm, to get a safe food supply.
  • wrench


    Once you got started and gathered a few raw materials, you can start building your base. Create mighty defenses and buildings to prove your power to your enemies. Or, you could take the peaceful way and rebuild a society, to get a feeling of home again.
  • sword


    But nothing is easy in this world. The things you need are rare and often protected by raiders, or automated killing machines installed by the government before the downfall. Find and craft weapons, ranging from the most basic spears to highly advanced sniper rifles. Once you've eliminated your foes, you can finally get that nice rifle you wanted!
  • machinery


    Doing everything on your own is exhausting and time consuming though. This is why you can build complex machines, power them with electricity and automate tasks such as defense, item transportation, resource gathering or farming.


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Release Notes

V 1.0 is out! Added: - open-world map to explore - enemies to fight - resources to collect - crafting