Important Note: V1.0 Build 8 Hotfix

I'm very sorry to announce that the originally posted file was a version with bugs. I am re-uploading the game files with the bug-free versions.
I'm very sorry about that.
Please download and install the newly posted versions.

V1.0 Release

This version of the games adds some core features to the game, including:
- A map with towns and other interesting locations
- Crafting
- Resource gathering

You can now gather resources like wood or ores in the environment, and process them further in various crafting stations. With these resources you can craft handy tools and equipment to aid your survival in the wilderness.

V0.9.3 Release

This version mainly fixes game-breaking bugs present in the previous versions. This includes:
- Not being able to exit the game
- Not being able to save the game
- Game crash on launch
- Walking / running sounds fixed
Some minor UI changes were made, along with some performance improvements

V0.9 Release

Added a bunch of stuff: This is the first alpha release of the game!
What there is in the game atm:
- A postapocalyptic but still beautiful environment
- Collectible items
- Inventory system: Store and manage your stuff
- Player vitals: You need food and water to stay alive - Weapons: ranged and melee
- Enemies: turrets defending your highly wanted loot
- Peaceful animals: A nice non-vegetarian food source

Known bugs:
- When loading level, item is not equipped
- Walking sounds sometimes not stopping
- Enemy turret sometimes not recognizing player
- Camera clipping into walls when sprinting
- Walls can be placed in the same spot as other walls
If you find any other bugs, please let me know through the feedback form on the download page: Go to review page

Note:This is still a very early version of the game. It is to be treated more like a "demo" than a real release. The map is currently set up such that you have instant access to many items, and locations are very close to eachother. This will change in future however.

Roadmap for V1.0

- More enemies
- Basic crafting system
- More items / locations

Development log #12 - Sep 2017

- General fixes
- Added food / beverages / medical items
- Added AI enemy turret
- Level design

Development log #11 - Aug 2017

- Level design
- Added nuclear plant location
- Added airfield location
- Custom shaders for improved performance
- Player vitals (hunger, thirst, health, stamina)

Development log #10 - Jul 2017

- Added Sentinel model
- Increased map size
- Improvements to inventory
- Improved block placement
- Performance fixes
- Added saving / loading
- Added chat window
- Added torches

Development log #9 - Jun 2017

- Added modular building parts for easier level design
- New player model w/ animations
- Improvements to inventory system

Development log #8 - May 2017

- General bug fixes
- Performance improvements
- Added AI sheep
- New Assets / textures / experimental assets
- Framework bug fixes

Development log #7 - Apr 2017

- Complete inventory redesign / functionality overhaul
- Redesigned trees / environment objects
- Added guns:
- many properties like damage, range, rate of fire, recoil and much more!
- also added destructible objects
- added 2 new gun types
- block placing functionality:
- grid system
- variable block size
- block rotation

Development Log #6 - Feb 2017

- Complete main menu redesign
- Main menu now in own scene
- Added loading screen
- Added cool splash screens / game icons
- Added saving functionality: inventory and position
- Added options menu: graphics, sun rotation

Development Log #5 - Feb 2017

- Completed inventory:
- Added max stack size
- Added item swapping (drag �n� drop)
- Added item dropping
- Added item equipping
- Difficulties:
- item position when equipping
- calculating stack size, beginning new one
- Redesigned UI

Development Log #4 - Jan 2017

- Started work on Item / Inventory class again, successful start
- Added item icons, index numbers
- Added stack limit
- Fixed index incrementing issues

Development Log #3 - Dec 2016

- Started work on inventory / items
- Added Item class: Advanced methods with properties etc.
- Added map details / buildings
- Failed attempt to create inventory system
- Failed attempt to create Item class, had to be restarted

Development Log #2 - Dec 2016

- Added GUI: Inventory, hotbar, crosshair
- Added Main Menu
- Added walking animations using the Animator component
- Graphical improvements
- Graphical improvements / image effects

Development Log #1 - Nov 2016

- Added movement mechanics using character controller
- Added mouse look
- Limited y-FOV ? Difficulty
- Sensitivity variable
- Added sun rotation/time of day
- Difficulty: Setting the ambient light intensity, solved using special sine curve
- Graphical improvements / image effects

For questions, please use the feedback form on the download page.