ReTech V1.0

Depo in the grass plains

Forest Exploration

Red Desert and Airfield

Top view of the new map

You can use this map to find out the location when using the in-game teleport command. Each square is 100m, the map goes from 0 to 2000

ReTech V0.9.1

Main Menu (V0.9.1)

Animals (V0.9.1)

Enemies (V0.9.1)

Power Plant Location (V0.9.1)

Enemy Turrets (V0.9.1)

Ranged Weapons (V0.9.1)

Food, Beverages, Medical Items (V0.9.1)

Base Building (V0.9.1)

Day / Night Cycle (V0.9.1)

Obelisk (V0.2.8)