Here you can find some information about the game.


This is a short guide introducing you to the basic mechanics of the game.

Walkthrough Your goal is to survive as long as you can. You can make your life easier by finding or crafting useful items like weapons, building resources or food.
Starting off, you will find yourself on this lost island. You can walk around using the 'WASD'-keys. Everything you pick up in the world (press E while hovering over an item in range) is stored in your inventory. It can be accessed by pressing 'TAB'. There, you can drag around your posessions, by clicking on them. To use an item, you have to drag it to the hotbar (lower center), exit the inventory and select it (mouse wheel or number key). When starting off, you are given a 'stick and stone', which is an uneffective tool used to gather your first resources (until you can craft better tools), and a 'tool station', where you can craft other workbenches or tools.
You can access any crafting interface by pressing 'E' while hovering over the workbench. In there, you will see 6 slots for 'ingredient'-items. If you place the minimum required items in the ingredients-window, an icon will pop up with the item you could now craft. Select it by clicking on it; by pressing 'Craft' you will start to create it and when the process is done you can take it from the result slot.
At the lower-right of your screen you can see your vitals. Health, stamina, food and water. You lose food and hunger points over time, and once they are down to 0, you die quickly. Of course, you don't want that to happen, so you have to keep yourself supplied with beverages and food items. These can be found at special locations or cooked on your own.
You also have to defend yourself. Also, special locations are often guarded by enemy turrets, which protect the valuable resources you're after. You can find or craft weapons which you can use by equipping them. Guns additionally need the right type of ammunition, which can also be obtained by finding or crafting. To shoot, simply hit the left mouse button. you can also aim with the right mouse button, to have a more exact view of your target.
You can also construct your own base. You can do that by crafting or finding building parts, which can be placed in the environment. When holding them, you can see a preview where they are going to be. You can rotate the parts with the right mouse button. With the left mouse you place them down.
That's all for now, the rest you will have to find out on your own!
Happy survival!


Controls in this game are quite similar to other survival games you may have played. They can be customized in the start dialog.
List of controls:

[W][A][S][D] --- Walk forward, left, backwards, right [Left Shift] --- Sprint [Left Ctrl] --- Crouch [Space] --- Jump [Tab] --- Open inventory [Esc][P] --- Open pause menu [E] --- Pick up / open chest [LMB] --- Use item / attack / shoot [RMB] --- Aim / rotate block [Enter] --- Open chat


You can press [Enter] in-game to open the game console. It can be used as a chatbox, but if you precede any text with a '/', it will be interpreted as a command.
Here's a list of a few commands currently available:


/restore health 42

This restores the player's health by 42 points.
The '/' indicates that it is a command.
The 'health' selects the health property of the player. Available properties can be looked up below, and are separated by '|'. 42 is the amount. It has to be a decimal number (float). The necessary type is given in brackets in the command description
Commands with depth 1:
//Depth means how many parameters the command has /kill --- Kills the player instantly /help --- Displays the general help dialog /hello --- Say hi to the game! /restore --- Restores all player vitals to max (health, stamina, food, water) /debug --- Executes a Debug Method (Only meant for debugging, atm it kills player)
Commands with depth 2:
//The '<' and '>' signs delimit the parameter. Valid parameters are separated by '|' (=or) /clear <chat | inventory | blocks> --- Clears something. ('inventory': Removes all items. 'chat': Empties chat window. 'blocks': Removes all blocks from the world.) /load <inv | chests | player | vitals | blocks | all> --- Loads the given parameter. ('inv': Shorthand for inventory. 'vitals': Player stats, like health and food) /save <inv | chests | player | vitals | blocks | all> --- Saves the given parameter. (See command 'load')
Commands with depth 3:
/teleport <x (int)> <y (int)> --- Teleports the player to the specified point on the map. The map goes from 0 to 2000 in both directions, if a higher number is entered, it it possible to fall out of the map. /clear <chat> <show message (bool)> --- Clears the chat, but specifies wether Success Message should be shown /restore <health | stamina | food | water> <amount (float)> --- Restores <amount> points of the specified vital. /give <item name (string)> <amount (float)> --- Gives an item to the player. As item name, the inventory name of the item must be chosen. /set <time> <hour (int)> --- Sets the time. 0 means midnight, 12 is noon etc. Commands with depth 4:
/msg <message (string)> <color (hex color)> <n | b | i | bi | ib> --- Displays a cool message in the game chat, with message 'message', color 'color' (of format: #ffffff (hex)), and specified style (n = normal, b = bold, i = italic)


To craft something, you first need a crafting workbench, like the "carpenter bench". Then, you simply drag the items needed in the crafting inventory and select the item you want to craft. Click "Craft" and your item will begin crafting. Every craftable item has to be crafted at a specific workbench. Most workbenches can be crafted in the "tool station" workbench.
These are the crafting recipes: